What is ZipSchool?

We create online courses for students K-5 around topics not typically focused on in school (ex. robots, space travel, dinosaurs) and distribute them directly to parents.

Here's a quick overview of how it works.

  1. Zip creates its own curriculum and visuals for classes.
  2. Once the class materials are ready (curriculum + visuals), we hand them off to a ZipSchool Teacher so they can record the class.
  3. The teacher practices the material and when they're ready, they record the class on ZipSchool's software. The class is one-take.
  4. Once we get the final recording, Zip's tech team will actually go into the recorded class and add interactive elements all our classes have (ex. games, live polls, etc).






Teachers are paid $150 per class. Each class is 30 minutes. Teachers usually spend 1-2 hours practicing the material, and then 30 minutes actually recording!

How To Apply

Head over at the link below to record your introduction video! Keep it casual, selfie-style. This is a short 2-minute video where you can tell us about yourself. It also helps us get a sense of your presence on camera!